Saturday, August 07, 2010


my friend Fraser asked me a few months ago to contribute a track for his spoken word compilation. i thought about it for a long time and was a bit afraid to approach this task - i generally feel very uncomfortable having to listen to my voice and disguising its faults is not an easy thing when you have to talk. also, the subject - what can i really talk about for few minutes? in the end i decided to use a bit of text i wrote on the plane from belgium a year before. for a background i made some low quality recordings during my next trip to brussels: all kinds of plane sounds, people talking on buses, planes, in parks and cafes.

S P E A K ! :
benni hemm hemm - rhytmical indirectness
paul karnatz - my trip to scotland
lewis cook - modern life is rubbish
rowan smith - bees

long long walk home - k6i4ff

james e. scott - goof

sophie sexon - spoken word

cicada song - listen to this

wounded knee - stanzas of jeopardy
rowan smith - regrets

peter liddle - jan8 2010
bruce leckenby - roy and tina

alison stephen - hungarian train tracks

laurie irvine - biscuits

esperi - capture beauty

anne frankenstein - comradh

alasdair mackenzie - clown joke

debutant - too stupid

all money from the release goes to shelter scotland.

all the info how/where to buy the cd coming soon!

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