Thursday, August 27, 2009


made these for the skinny magazine t shirt design competition, not really thinking they could succeed. see, i'm not the 80s fan, that is, i like lots of things from the 80s but dislike more, but what i mean is, well, these drawings are not enough eighties to win. but some people like them. i do too, i think.

from flight to greece

seems like klm coffee and klm orange juice in elegantly thin rimmed plastic cups is highly stimulating.

playing at the edge festival

last sunday i played with The Occasional Flickers at Picture House in Edinburgh. the most exciting thing is, we were supporting Emma Pollock and Andrew Bird! gig was nice, sadly, our name wasn't included on posters neither tickets, hardly any listings..i hope the ones who liked us will know their way to find us..
anyway now giorgos and i have swine flu, i'm recovering, time for updating.

photo: maciek.

on the beach

Anafi, Greece