Wednesday, December 07, 2016

shop update

ufff... I haven't been here for a while. it's been a very busy year, many changes, big transitions and, I suppose, new insights. I bought a flat, got a studio, didn't have time for studio, lost the studio (I haven't lost the flat). I haven't been doing much art and i've been questioning the existence of this blog and my motivation to posting stuff on here. 
but recently, with f going to nursery for couple of hours some days, I have started a process of turning my natural inclination towards drawing little faces into something tangible, and perhaps even something - sort of - useful. to cut long story short, I'm experimenting in making little brooches that people could pin on their coats and maybe relate to a little bit. I'll see where it takes me. 
I uploaded some of them on my old abandoned etsy shop. they are little unique characters with made up names, and I'm thinking, it would be fun challenge to make special custom orders of babies or children that actually exist. if you're interested, give me a shout.

thanks for reading/looking!

Monday, January 11, 2016

portfolio update

same as above. i updated my portfolio! it's been a while. in here.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

some things we do at home with f, and sometimes we take pretty pictures of them too

playdough spaghetti was a favourite, until garlic press broke.

playdough animals with eyes

ice plus small toys, plus food colouring

or no food colouring.

cheapo activity books ( this one with faces from "tiger" is the official winner)

just painting, in mum's sketchbook

some more painting

modelling clay looks best when it comes in bright colours, with no blacks or browns!

small people

some recent clay work. (top one, "bunny rabbits" can be found at the RSA Open at the moment)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

back in june / on being a mother-artist

some photos to remember from the excellent event Child'sPlay organised by Maja Quille,in Basic Mountain space as part of Annuale 2015. small exhibition by fellow mothers/artists, super fun workshops for kids. F had a great time, so did i..

"Having a child made my way of working more efficient, being able to focus fully on particular piece in short bursts of time. There are some areas in my work that I try to keep seperate from my daughter, but that are still, naturally, influenced by this huge shift of priorities and dynamics of relationships that she causes every day. At other times I happily involve her in my work, and often quite literally. In the painting I'd like to submit for the exhibition I used her scribbling as background. I tried to keep to bright colour palette and child-like style while painting around her drawing, then I glued a deflated balloon with her scribbles onto it. I wouldn't call it a collaboration, I controlled her input in the end. Being only two years old she doesn't claim any ownership of her drawing, yet.
She is a huge influence; while watching her grow I'm trying to understand and capture her way of seeing things, and incorporate this experience in my work."

 (unfortunately i don't have a good enough photo of two more artists'  statements, i'll add them later if i can get hold of them)

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

some new characters

two little felt/fabric combo faces and an old playdough snowman painted recently by f.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

f's new friends

the doll (lala) has been kicking around since christmas. she originally had beady eyes, button nose and loose hair. all of above had to be replaced due to being treated passionately by one toddler i know! the horsey is brand new, i really enjoyed working with felt first time so there might be more of this kind to come.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


some domestic scenes from this month. also, Flora (!) and I are going to be showing some "collaborative work" at Abi's and Susannah's event on Leithwalk this saturday. Giorgos will play some songs, there will be lot of other live music, pictures hanging from clothesline and homebrew. it is called "the line of best fit" and the exhibition will be on for a week. you're very welcome to come if you're about.