Saturday, August 18, 2007

i've been tagged.

by dimitra
and it's the second time since the first tagging from liisa
that happened 100 years ago and i felt to shy to do it back then.
since ola doesn't blog, she decided to draw. eight (not necessarily weird) things about herself.
now i have to tag someone as well. the winners are: ronnie
and david.


Giorgos said...

amazing, fabulous, fantastic!!
you should write a comic book. pleeeeaaaase....

Dimitra Daisy said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! I'm so glad I tagged you!

And even though some of it is rather sad, some of it made me really happy. And that's probably the first time a sentence with the word 'myspace' in it has made me happy. And I'm not sure it will ever happen again.

Oh, and I hope you have a mouse in the house, and not moose -- they seem to take up quite a lot of space...

martijn said...

Oh, I just found Scots say "moose" to a mouse. I don't know what they say to a moose though.

And I really like those drawings. :)

(Made a link from my blog. Which you might not check, so I thought I'd tell you.)

Romualda said...

no nie wiem czy sie to dopisze , ale widze ze mam nawet jakies okropne imie ponizej, wiec moze bedzie ten kometarz, mnie sie tam wszystko podoba co tu gadac duzo!!! buziaczki za to!